About Us

HOTEL CHAR is a family hotel built and managed by us with extraordinary attitude towards the people that stay with us ! We are in MMC (International Youth center) placed 1.0 km away from the center of town Primorsko.

The hotel is located in 100 meters from the second rescue tower on the southern beach of Primorsko, the beach is 50 meters wide and about 2 km long. The hotel beach is not crowded, which will make your stay quiet and calm. The water temperatures from late June to mid-September are 25-27 degrees (Celsius).

From here, begin the evergreen forests of the Strandja Mountain.

The combination of the forest and the sea breeze makes it light and breezy in the warmest days, daytime temperatures rarely exceed 30 degrees.

The hotel is placed in a beautiful yard where you may find a safe place from summer hot and your children may play free without any risk.

Hotel conditions are good and very friendly - Each room has a balcony, TV, AC, fridge, WC + shower. We insist on good hygiene and try to maintain it.

Available for the guests are: a restaurant, swimming pool, secured parking, safe, WiFi, cable TV, beach umbrella. For the sports-oriented guests, we offer fitness, beach volleyball court, table tennis, playground with swings and trampoline for children.